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Uniquify, the voter list processor, simply takes a voter list in the somewhat standardized Michigan format and combines all the voters in the same household to one record. This typically reduces the size of a mailing by about 30%.
File to Prepare:
If you specify an exclusion file, the names in the exclusion file will be removed from the above file before it is prepared. This is useful if you have mailed to absentee voters already and now want to exclude them from the new list. Both files must have a column titled "VOTERID".
Exclusion File:
The file should be a .csv or .txt file with the first line of the file being a list of column headings. OR, it may be a .zip file that contains one file of type .csv or .txt. The filename extensions must be in lowercase.

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Here is a test file you can download if you want to see how the program works, you can download this file to your computer and then upload it again to run the program.

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